BAR habits

  • A beer is called a biertje or pilsje
    • vaasje = 25cl,
    • fluitje (18-20cl), but for
    • ESTIEMers – no worries bars will have 05,L “halve liter” as well.
  • Special beer often comes with their own 0,25 or 0,3 glasses (Belgian style beers or German Weizen
  • Eindhoven has a couple of local breweries with their own brewpub, that sell NL wide: specifically100Watt( @stadsbrouwerij) and VanMoll
  • Bar areas: Dommelstraat, Markt, Stratumseind (mostly night time), kleine Berg, Wilhelminaplein and the previously mentioned brewpubs.
  • Famous dutch bar snacks: bitterballen (world famous croquette style balls) or bittergarnituur (bitterballen, frikandelletjes, kaassouflé, bamiballetje, nasischijfje, vlammetje (little spicy). Bars also often have vegetarian or vegan alternatives. Make sure you have some before you leave the country again
  • Bittergarnituuretiquette: bitterballen should be eaten with mustard (or mayo as second choice), frikandellen with mayo or curry or chili (third choice), kaassouflé with mayo, vlammetje with chili and others as you wish. This is of course not a law but a free advise to do it “right” the first time.

Snack bar habits

  • bar habits
    1. “Bodempje leggen” – build a foundation before having drinks, best done with fast food (healthy stuff can be enjoyed the rest of the year), usually eaten at a snackbar, dönertent or shoarmazaak
    2. Dutch snackbars will soon be UNESCO heritage, but until that is the case you can already enjoy typical Dutch snacks in several places downtown: at famous “de Hoek” at stratumseind, automatiek Marks (daytime) or Smuller’s in the train station (daytime), or just ask google for a snackbar

Marks automatiek

  • order Friet speciaal or Friet saté met mayofrikandel speciaal (sausage) to be very Dutch

Friet speciaal with mayo onions and curry

Friet sate met mayonaise

  • Speciaal means mayonaise, onions and currysauce, following the MUC principle
  • MUC means Mayo Uien (onions), Curry should be added in this respective order
  • There even is a facebook group (request to be added)where people share pictures of a perfect frikandel speciaal and also heavily criticise each other if e.g. the sausage was not carved before deepfrying or the MUC principle was not applied (for takeaway there it is allowed to have onions on top, don’t ask us why)
  • There is the Vegan Junk Food Bar (we cannot confirm how good it is but google rates it very good) in de kerkstraat, next to the Catharinakerk (closes 2100)
  • Eindhoven features a handful of döner places, that mostly serve döner and often also falafel. Famous are Amon next to de Hoek at the start of stratumseind and Hizmet (day/early evening) in the Kruisstraat, close to Holiday Inn and Café de Valk. Again: google maps is your best friend
  • Shoarma can be enjoyed in de Kruisstraat at Betlehem or Jerusalem (Nieuwe Fellenoord, next to Kruisstraat), both 5min walking distance of the hotel. These shops open till 1 or 2 AM and are Eindhoven institutes (try the red sauce).

Cantus etiquette

  • Singing: Cantus is a singing event, so be prepared to participate enthusiastically. Sing along to the songs and follow the conductor’s instructions. It’s customary to stand while singing.
  • Toasting: Raise your glass and make eye contact with fellow participants when toasting. It’s common to say “Prosit senior, Prosit Corona!” (Cheers chairman, cheers participants!) before taking a sip.
  • Respectful Behavior: Show respect towards the organizers, conductors, and fellow participants. Follow the instructions given by the cantus leaders and maintain a friendly and inclusive atmosphere throughout the event.
  • Engaging with Songs and Traditions: Learn some traditional songs and participate actively. Be open to learning and engaging with Dutch songs and customs, as it enhances the overall experience and creates a sense of camaraderie.
  • Etiquette for Songs and Chants: During certain songs or chants, there may be specific actions or gestures to follow. Observe and join in as appropriate, following the lead of the conductors and other participants.
  • Punishments and Consequences: Dutch cantus events often incorporate punishments for breaking the rules or engaging in certain behavior. These punishments are intended to be playful and are embraced as part of the tradition. If you find yourself committing a offense, such as using your phone or talking out of turn, be prepared for some consequences. These punishments serve as a reminder to respect the cantus rules and contribute to the festive atmosphere.

Some Dutch words

Because everybody wants to learn some Dutch!

  • Hallo! -Hello!
  • Waar is het toilet? – Where is the restroom?
  • Hoi, waar is het feest vanavond? – Hey, where’s the party tonight?
  • Dank je wel! – Thank you!
  • Hoe heet je? – What’s your name?
  • Kunnen we bier bestellen? – Can we order some beer?
  • Laten we proosten op een geweldige avond! – Let’s toast to a great night!
  • Mooie schoenen, neuken? – Nice shoes, want to fuck?
  • BVO’tje? – Do you want a beer for on the way?
  • Mag ik je nummer? – Can I have your number
  • Ken je een goede plek om karaoke te zingen? – Do you know a good place to sing karaoke?
  • Laat ons de avond onvergetelijk maken! – Let’s make the night unforgettable!

Brabants or Eindhovens dialect

People in Brabant use the soft version of the very Dutch G – de zachte G… Although the dialect is not completely different from the Dutch language it has some own words and sayings

Drugs usage

In the Netherlands, there’s a relaxed and cheerful approach when it comes to soft drugs. The Dutch government has created a unique system where you can find coffee shops that offer a selection of cannabis products. These places are like little havens of relaxation, where you can enjoy a joint or some space cake in a safe and friendly environment.

The Netherlands’ attitude towards soft drugs is all about keeping things fun and stress-free. The government focuses on harm reduction and separating the market for soft drugs from the more harmful substances. So, if you’re of legal age and curious about trying a bit of cannabis, you can do so without the fear of being harshly judged or prosecuted.

Just remember to chill responsibly! Moderation and understanding your limits are key. Enjoy the laid-back vibe, meet new people, and savor the unique experience of soft drug culture in the Netherlands. Stay jolly and keep the good times rolling!

Remember, the Netherlands’ tolerant approach towards soft drugs does not extend to hard drugs, and their usage is prohibited by law.